hi there I'm Andrew welcome to Evan Ryder for another look at some of the world's finest riding gear today we're gonna be looking at the Econo abano po'lice jacket the only frustration that we have around the dakar no pol ice jacket we have here is the fact that's taken so long to arrive this is a jacket that is essentially a winterized version of the best-selling pol jacket a shortcut classically inspired spring-summer waxed cotton riding garment a winning formula and they've decided to apply that same formula into a winter package that can be used from winter but throughout the rest of the season as well and cleverly they've called it the pol ice do you see what they did there that's marketing genius no doubt but in all seriousness this is a fantastic jacket and just like its predecessor the pole which still will continue in the summer range this one is waterproof its breathable and unlike the waxed cotton exterior on the pole the polar ice that we have here has an Oxford poly imide outer with Hydra skid seam sealed waterproof and breathable membrane underneath that this is also level AC approved as a whole so it's passed the various standards in terms of impact and abrasion resistance and it also comes included at the price of 109 pounds 99 with level-one armor in the shoulders and elbows which can be removed you do have a pocket to optionally upgrade for back rotation as well in terms of the rest of the features you get the same style cues that you had with the pole in this package so you've got the quilted shoulder and elbow sections giving it that classic slightly Mojave jacket inspired look there's very popular in our market and it's surprising that it's Tucanos first sort of full season classically inspired design they've really done since we've been working with them we're sure it's going to work really well with people in our market because it's quite a lot for the money you've got a few comfort features which add nice detail touches to the jacket such as the piping around the cuffs and the collars and in the actual cuffs itself you have a really nice like row elasticated wrist band which helps prevent any unwanted air from getting up you also have a removable thermal body warmer which extends all the way down the sleeves and so that can mean that the jacket can be used on the really cold days but equally of course you take it out and you suddenly have a much lighter weight jacket you've got seam-sealed zips with YKK pulls and you can have ventilation open there on those hotter days just to allow more of the air to flow to get through making this a genuine 12 season jacket it's being released as an autumn winter item it has that versatility owing to its all-weather nature so it's a jacket you can genuinely use throughout the year unlike the pole you have access here on the side which also waterproof closures and you've also got quite subtle branding on this this is something we're really proud of we always fight brands to reduce the visibility of their branding because we're auntie's most people don't want their logo all over the back of their jacket so in the case of this one we have a very nice subtle to carnot little emblem here down by the lower waist side I'm moving around to the back you'll see you have really nice clean back to it as well with that quilted section on this slightly dropped back which is going to be good but when you're leant forward on the bike in preventing any exposed areas there was a massive logo here and like I said we're quite pleased that we managed to convince them to remove that because I think this jacket looks much better for it it looks genuinely classy and I think it works really well in this fabric with this design you've got Conner's reflective system which is visibility on demand so you can flip up this section on the cuff and on the collar as well just to give you a little bit of high vis if you need it as you can see down here you have adjustability as well with a couple different snap options to tailor it in other waist as required so you've got quite a good deal of customization in terms of the fit going on as well mercifully the actual fit is true to size as well you can check the full size guide details over at urban rider code at UK if you want to find out different measurements from side to side and the length of the bully and so on in each and every size and the range but broadly speaking this fits true so here I have the large I have just under a 42 inch chest and this fits me nicely so it's definitely true to our size guide I'm 6 foot 2 so a slightly longer in the body don't be alarmed if this looks a little bit short on me it's because I have a slightly longer torso I think for most people it's not going to be any kind of an issue going down inside the jacket we have this nice two Karno engraved emblem on the zipper and just that little flap there just underneath the external zipper just preventing too much of the air or water from getting through the outer section inside the jacket we have this nice quilted thermal removable body warmer which as I said extends all the way down to these and you've got the storage pocket either side with a simple snap closure not gonna be the most secure place I think the external pocket is the best place to put something like your mobile so overall this car no polar ice you get a lot of jacket for the money hundred ninety nine ninety nine you know getting something see approved so it's really well put together from a very very well-established brand with I think styling that looks great and can be used throughout the year as well so you have any questions about the jacket please leave it in the comment section below and as always stay tuned for more video reviews at the world's finest running gear thank you so much for watching we'll see you again soon goodbye