what a day what a lovely day welcome back to moto madness everyone today we'll be looking at a collection of car vs. biker situations some of these are really exciting so sit back relax and let's begin this here is a crazy little clip on the way to this week's meet up the guy was acting weird the whole time laughing in his rear view mirror didn't know what to make of in the end was he rode raging or was he just trying to beat one of the bikes and play you decides and let me know in the comments we doing man man what's that guys come on like for real got here Emira come right back off I know it will oh my god this goes psycho oh that's going on motor madness definitely crazy oh my god he's doing wheelies on the sidewalk I don't know I don't know if that fool is drunk he just wanted to have fun or I don't know he kept laughing and every time he'd stop eagerly looking back late yeah so Jim and I pulled up and with the lane split after the guys took plane and he was encroaching near the line and didn't notice him or attempt to move over as you can see he was on his phone and this is what ensued in California at this moment the biker didn't want to keep moving as he in the car saw a little boy running he wasn't in a hurry so he preferred to wait and let them pass oh my god what good day Mita Oh Danny nothing look man yeah sorry so I'm the writer said at this moment he realized he had overreacted and needed to take a big breath and just check on the bike I'm just sorry I don't so I don't think I have anything touching okay just be careful next time okay okay but you know like I'm in extra then happens yeah I know I know I know I know I know it happens you just need to be calm oh yeah yeah but I just kill me no no I'm not gonna kill you a minute yeah yeah yeah okay Ramar that's right there we'll go under for a while talk hey there I just wanted to let you know I was there I don't think you saw me no no no I had enough time but I was the one honking yeah but I just wanted to ask you in the future can you watch for people like me all right have a blessed day okay yeah so the whole point of this video was people on cell phones and there's somebody who's probably not on cell phone but no idea I was there she heard me honking but uh well she might be lying but if you take her at face value she didn't know where that honk was coming from cuz she didn't know I existed this clip includes a rider and his friend who has only been riding for about four days when a car decided they wanted to come between them and push his friend out of the lane that's when the rider decided to step in and confront the driver and this is what ensued what the broke and you what do you want me smash your beer you better apologize right now bro step up you can watch yeah bro well what you gonna do what you gonna do what you gonna do step bail bro let's get it you got this close from hitting here bro you bought this looks what do you mean you got it bring you you came from behind him bro you better check yourself what should I check myself you're the one putting him off dude you could kill that fool and I think we all know what happened here this writers bootlace got caught in this gear pedal and as he was unhooking it the light turned green and the guy behind them was not too happy about it so that's it for today guys we hope you enjoyed this episode on moto madness the links of the original videos are all credited down below in the description there's also links if you want to submit a video or buy yourself some moto madness merchandise like my shirt right now it's back to the office for us to get working on the next episode so make sure you guys go down below like comment and subscribe and we'll catch on the next one see you