onion and just want to make sure we're live for a second before I start rambling on too much but we should be good in just a second so say what's up if you're in the chat thank you guys for tuning in thank you guys for following the channel check out my own all right we're good so check out I don't know if you guys see my new profile picture it looks pretty dope and I'm gonna put these on shirts real quick so let me show you let me show you real quick I'll just show my friend there but check it out bros that's gonna be on a shirt they're scrubs games what do you guys think didn't you look dope I got some other designs coming your guys away but this will be on a shirt just kind of funny like the helmet and then no face with the scrubs games I thought that was pretty dope but what's up Colin what's up Santee what are you guys doing sat to your thr aren't you but your GG on on this YouTube channel I think that your thr but what do you guys think into the 5 lapper it's pretty cool right it's not too bad I haven't given these any tries since last stream but let's go back and let's do some vs. want to do some vs. for you guys hope you guys are having a good Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving hope you guys eat some pumpkin pie and some some turkey we'll keep this one not not too long so I know you guys got some stuff going on but let's see what's up who's in the house let's get some new people let's race some new people from Italy here pet Pepe 31 MX let's do it bro it's annoying verse me please name tag Shin Godzilla what's annoying people won't race you or what what's up shark boy shout-out Santi alright oh wait are you supposed to do that let's see scrub down that's pretty nasty let's see if we can get it down that's a crazy pop there whoa that might be tough to do let's just check out the rest of the track in the meantime I thought he did that by accident to be honest but yeah I was working on a vlog this morning and my computer's having a hard time uploading all the footage from my GoPro it's not the best but what I was trying to say my vlog is the power of being thankful and how I feel like that could help cure any anxiety or depression or or just make you happy you know if you wake up being thankful I never really thought about that too much you know as being like a cure for that type of stuff but yeah if you could wake up and just be thankful for for whatever you have just just a few things there you not to compare yourself to anything then you can be pretty thankful it could be coming you could be pretty happy sorry I'm kind of rambling on here for you guys but I wanted to release that vlog I was just rambling too and talking about how they wanted to do vlogs for such a long time and do different things and I procrastinated make excuses and finally I'm just fed up I'm ready to do it so I'm gonna start making my other channels we've got that merch line if you guys like that merch I have a my friend as a graphic designer if you guys want any work done any shirts any designs hit him up he's GG Sean so he does some pretty crazy work so I'll see if I can link his just him in the description but yeah if you guys need any work done he's got some sick stuff ah this is a tough one bro I don't know if I I think I might add in a minute but whoo I want to get it though that tap is ridiculous it's so ridiculous I got it once ah well what are you guys up to you guys spending a time with family what are you guys doing today I told you guys I would vlog today or do a uh told you guys I would do any stream so I decided to to do it for sure I've got to stick to my word there so shadow Moses what's up the five lapper is what you're saying AM Z what's up dude okay Thanksgiving is good we're gonna go eat in just a bit fill up 26 what's up dude let me just send this guy one real quick and they don't mess with you guys in a second it would be cool if I could like chat with you guys and hear you guys's voices but yeah it's it's tough talking to a camera when you're vlogging it's kind of hard it's it's new anything new is difficult though so I realized that the first vlog is not gonna be the best nothing the first one is never gonna be the best but you can't get to your good stuff unless you do those those first vlogs so you know everyone has this everyone thinks about it like this too I think everyone thinks like this tour they want to start like if they want to start our start anything they want it to be the best they're waiting to get the right equipment waiting for all this but I think if you just start it's good I'm gonna send that off Tim and yeah thanks for you guys letting me ramble there what's up DSC 743 we got the two-time champ right there celebrated Thanksgiving early had to work today and this whole weekend but it rained all day and now it's snowing so don't know about work yeah it's crazy it's snowing here in uh New Mexico and it never snows here so it's like amazing it's a lot of snow too I'm gonna go do some some donuts in my car in just a second after the stream like no joke Jason captain's Happy Thanksgiving I saw your video on the five lapper and it's kind of annoying to try that line I'm kind of getting it down yeah that line is annoying right let's give it another shot it matched me up with master fifty-two which was pretty funny not now maybe he put in another time or maybe someone else did yeah I think that's the line though that that everyone's doing I think everyone's doing that line yeah that first scrub is kind of tough and it is tough going into the the next laps getting that scrub to the second table so that one's kind of a real doozy there ah yeah this one's a it's weird because it's like real flat and you would think it's easy but sometimes these ones are the most sensitive to where you got a scrub really really slow get it perfect see that was pretty decent all right that was nice your boys gonna get a little silent for a second hold on I didn't get the Willie you got to get that Willie into the second lap whoo can you guys see my new profile picture cuz it looks really dope it's boot it's a vision that I've wanted for a while and then my friend was able to to pull it off even better than I expected it came out pretty good it's a it's like my face in a cartoon with Noah no face but the helmet and then it says scrub games I think it's dope oh why do you gotta scoot up at the third lap man there's a lot of you guys in here man I thought you guys would be busy eating some turkey oh yeah forget Donuts get waffles remember Izzy I see you got me craving waffles that one day so I had to go to the Walmart to put to get some waffles dude was uh yeah man waffles are good dude the waffles from Sweden though honestly like I'm not even just just saying that Sweden the waffles we made in that hotel oh my god those things were so good GG Colin let's see Santi yo what's up Tracie Donaldson can you race me later Ron nine lab in okay cool I don't think I never talked to you eleven what's up dude mxr cod played me Phillip 26 okay I remember man I think you said was the first time you got waffles in years yeah it's been a while I'm thinking about going snowboarding tomorrow I've never I've never gone slower and actually in my life but I'm thinking about it but the only problem is is I don't have health insurance right now how so I don't want to do anything too crazy so man it feels good though to be on this stream and talking you guys cuz I was working on a vlog earlier and sometimes you feel so stupid walking around with the camera and not knowing if your neighbors are watching you or what but I want to get comfortable with it and practice because I want to do YouTube full-time so I'm working on it everything takes practice so yeah it's it's just annoying starting it out at first though but I want to see what you guys think I was gonna edit it but my computer's going slow so I gotta work out some kinks there there we go all right I'm over the track I'm over it let's do some vs. broski's let's check this one though real quick and if you guys do you guys want to see the lines let's see if any lines changed but yeah I think they're shoveling snow right now let's do a let's see what the lines are looking like see if any changes have happened because the SE in the house right there rocking a 33 we got a hacker don't give them any clout their zs c LP low penis bruno and thr facts that let's watch these three here alright bros so check it out let's see if we got any changes yes you making it look easy as always is there still cash in BMX is what I'm asking is EFC because I didn't see it there when I went back to BMX I didn't see esports in there let me know going up the hill pretty nice oh and you didn't actually you didn't land in the dips of those woops on the bottom surprised that uh that I've thought that was faster let's see if you get the scrub you got that lean forward notice how zsc before he heads into the the end of the whoops he hits that lean forward to get the lean back get the scrub egde and then boom into the finish just sends it so really dope really dope not a not as now they had some issues with it so they took it down and I had a I had a feeling that it was so new that they were fixing it so I want some cash in the beginning I was excited and then I got set up with some fast people but I got to practice that we got five foot four Brad stead and Bender let's watch these these guys right here crisis a five lap er dude this has been a while since we got a five flapper so pretty cool short track it looks like what they're doing on this little miniature Dragon's Back is leaning forward boom to try to hop over that last little hump there so they're coming into this boom so they're leaning back and then boom lean forward to top over that last little jump there's a little tip and trick for you guys hopefully you guys like this kind of stuff landing in a Willys scrubbing on to the first table actually landing on all tables I couldn't remember if I light it on the second or the first but let's see what they do for the next lap five laps man boom we've got fax dad taking off in the lead there but he must mess up so let's see what happens now Willie though into the into the next lap is pretty crucial hopping over that that's actually tip and trick for me because I didn't know what I was supposed to do on that little dragon's back but that helps me out right there and after seeing what they've done pretty cool I'm gonna try with you guys in just a second let me just examine these and see what these guys are doing tapping those whoops pretty good into the finish very close call pretty close call it was back and forth pretty good race there I like that that was nice pretty fun stuff man who do you get who wants to race who wants some of this fill up 26 I saw you you're rockin bike twelve okay let's do it hit that like for me bros if you guys are happy and thankful for everything that you have in life or for at least a few things if you're thankful for sleeping in this morning if you got two all right here we go but yeah I mean I think being thankful and not having crazy expectations and looking into what you don't have is like the main thing of being happy like if you if you're looking at what you don't have and what you wish you had it padded huh have had then you're not gonna be happy so just look at what you have be thankful and that's the way to happiness I believe Jo's gaming what's up dude shadow moses shin godzilla for next please shin godzilla okay that was nice i like that oh yes yeah i almost got you on that track i had i was racing you before on that track I couldn't believe how we were so close and then I overshot into the last jump and I could have scrubbed the last part it was pretty crazy the that race I showed it on my stream but let me send this one off that's probably the wrong line let me see what's what's up with this jump big probably land down here maybe yeah I think that's the line man it feels good to just be talking to a camera and feel like I know what I'm doing because those vlogs bros it is so weird here we go okay so we're gonna get that stoppage right here I could have done it a lot better but yes and some races my way bro skis and tell me your usernames let's do this hope you guys are having a good day what do you guys think of that of my little rant about being thankful did you guys know that already cuz I felt like that changed my life when I was like learning about that damn scrubs you lookin firing those glasses thanks dude appreciate that yeah these are some they're actually the the blue light they block the blue light but I actually like the style of these so I rocked them everywhere actually I don't know your boy likes to have some weird style sometimes so I love dirtbike just straight-up I love dirt bike teach our supreme should we mess with him pretty dope setup there it's got that pumpkin helmet does not follow me though that's that's a disrespect we don't take kindly to disrespect GG Schmidt though is the ho Mia does not have bike 12 I don't know if he's in the house Santi let me send you one sad to you I think we got one for you there you are send me one broski I just saw that you deleted it let me get these out of the way and then I saw MZ in there MZ did a DNF though MZ is rocking some from France and let's hope that your next one is not a DNS make sure no don't send me any DNS send me a heaters broski's oh yeah got a lot of heads in here thank you guys for tuning in Lord Krauss what's up dude they think it's been a minute since I saw you in here what's up dude Godzilla my bad dude I forgot about that my bad I'm trying to remember everyone let's see if we can get this pop dude this thing's ridiculous oh man yes you got any tips on this pop right here that'll have to work for now ah ooh that was nice you guys gotta admit that was freaking ooh we're gonna have to watch the replay on that one that felt good I felt really good inside all right here we go Oh what was that I overshot it broski's I didn't know the rest of the track that's one thing do never do not do that make sure you know the rest of the track before you try anything crazy in the beginning but we'll just go with that cuz I gotta watch that replay let's see what I did I kind of I had a feeling that was gonna work let's examine this I went ahead and did the scrub landed it about an 11 o'clock boom – perfect that was just oh that was nice all right hey scrubs it's okay I forget to but hey you're streaming okay I think you're the one that said which one are you getting Godzilla okay I got you bro Santi did you send one bro because you saw that I just pressed ok on it on your challenge okay I know this track let's do a triple and then let's do a triple let's actually try to scrub a little nastier Oh a little too nasty huh here we go scrub it scrub it scrub bitch case egde I'm gonna set this one off just for entertainment purposes you know we could go faster bro but you can always go faster but we will not right now because I don't want to bore you guys to death I want to get into your guys's challenges oh oh oh that felt pretty good your boy got quiet you know when you get silent and it's something serious is happening Sharkboy can you race me again yeah dude well I don't know what your name is though they shouldn't be a turd they should be a two turkey suits your boy can't talk today let's uh let's see we got Santi but I do want to mess with who is first God the Godzilla one right shin Godzilla did you send me one though you have to send me one there you are I see you rocking bike twelve okay from Michigan have you how long you been watching the channel how long have you guys been watching the channel since the beginning how did you find me if you don't mind me asking shouldn't Godzilla let's do it duplex zero what's up dude I have never seen you in here so thank you for saying what's up you guys know I talked to all you guys let's see yeah cuz you'll get in other streams I don't know if you guys noticed that no one says anything to the people that are in the chat let's do it oh that was horrible almost a scrub oh I didn't mean to do that but it worked that was pretty nasty actually sounds good feels really good don't get greedy well I got a little greedy let's see here all right very nice broski's very nice lord cross okay Marissa a few more of you guys and then I'm gonna let you guys eat some turkey all right scrub verse wit kinetic impulse I think I know kinetic impulse this is an old school rah nine I'm gonna try to raise some new people so I think oh yeah so this one this is the track I did when the dissing jam they made the track bigger for for the faster bikes but I think it was called oh yeah I was called a round robin or something in gym and I did win this one with the world record I'm gonna send this off for entertainment purposes but I do want to raise some new people that I haven't before so let me mess with let me mess with some people Andy me gustan to us videos DSC 743 I think you're saying you like that his videos maybe or he should make them he should make more of them right whadya Sharkboy since the beginning but i was just shy okay so now you're coming out of the shell the truth I stopped playing MX I have to focus more on school that's that's more important for sure bro cuz this will take a lot of time on your life we got Santi I'm all messed with Santi but then I want to get let's let's get raw 9 real quick hold on Santi let me let me mess with raw 9 he's from Sweden I love that flag I just love Sweden I want to go back again hopefully for the fourth time bro that would be crazy let's rust mess with rod 9 Lord cross what is that that app they're giving a lot of advertisements which is cool actually happy for them enjoy spam free phone calls that's pretty dope that mad skills is getting sponsored like that like by Doritos and stuff ok ok put in some work I've raced this track before I don't know what to well but let's see him sad you just set this so see what he's got pretty good pretty quick oh yeah I remember this whoo Oh got a nice scrub pretty clean run let's see what we could do a pretty long track though Oh your stop I might be able to get you on your stop eeeh that was a nice scrub you did there I like that ah you're doing pretty good on this track I'm gonna have to send you a heater on a track I know and then we'll see what's up I don't want to loop out right there where can I get you bro where can I get you oh let's see how it plays out all right let's get serious here oh yeah oh it's a bumpy road bro pretty good dude I think you got me let's see oh uh hahahahaha his clothes froze I stopped a little too quick that was a good job though I like that when you guys send me heaters raw 9 actually that was raw 9 pretty quick dude nice sparklekid whoo man Christian bug nutty can you do my vs. please let's do a couple of these real quick hold on scrub City okay scrub äj– this truck I'm pretty decent on gonna send it right there boom oh I should jump big right there hold on let me do one more for raw nine pulled on broski's being a perfectionist here he said to here so we got to do the same in respect I wanted to scrub that there we are go gotta jump big right there hold on rose bears bear with me you guys know how this game goes we can get it ah that one's a tough one move ok we got it we got it well Oh ah all right I think I did not get set no no I didn't get sent to yet hold on I want to get lured cross and then we're gonna do Santee and then we'll see what we can do can't race everyone but let's see yeah nice that felt good oh that was good okay that's what I wanted to do a little too high I'm surprised but when I send that off to raw dog and then I'm gonna send it to let's see Lord cross Lord cross dude Lord cross from Dominican Republic alright let's follow him let's send him one he's got division seven might not be that fast let's see so you do jump big right here he's got the lead already so pretty good slowed down for that one not sure why and boom sent that one a little too high there I like these little choppy whoops when they're small like that though alright I forget the ending but we're doing pretty decent let's see if we can hang in there boom alright not bad not bad Lord cross okay let's do one more I'm gonna do one more for you broski's and then I'm gonna let you guys have a good Thanksgiving okay let's see here this one's a classic for sure try to hop up right here boom send a front oh I'm gonna send this anyway you might have a good chance but send that off broski's Tyler Martina what's up dude alright oh no mas bros little mas what do we got did we see Lord cross de birria we got everyone that we wanted Santi let's mess with Santi real quick nice scrub not bad you almost got it there all right Santi I have a feeling you haven't raced that track though much but not bad that beginning was pretty far I'm gonna send you a heater Shadow Moses no hey when you're able to do an mxgp 3 or Monster Energy Supercross 2 stream open lobby for ps4 what does that do does that mean I erase you guys I could do that I have those games if you guys are down let's see what's up Oh got that scrub first try this might be tough for you Santi if i if I'm able to pull this off oh and got that scrub – OH came up a little short for that one it's ok that's not ok let's do one more see what we can do for my ghost here damn that that first try was so good this will have to do though overshot a little bit not bad can we get the last scrub nope alright I'm gonna send that off and let's uh yeah we'll finish it off here let me see I want to do a private lobby for msx2 monitors super cross for the creations I would love that what does that mean private lobby Oh someone's from I think that's Arabic that's such a cool-looking language I like that I can't read that but it looks cool Justin Butler hi what's up dude can you do another stream tonight please maybe we'll see what's up but stay tuned for my vlog scrubs vlogs I did I did do one today but it came out kind of weird didn't come out it wasn't the best and then also I didn't upload so having some technical difficulties but hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving I'll see you guys soon thank you guys for tuning in and thank you for your time have a good Thanksgiving eat some turkey some pumpkin pie bro that's what I'm looking forward to but I'll see you guys in the next one