hey guys how's it going thank you for watching this video if you like what you see please like and subscribe and well this time I decide to do something a little bit different and I hope you like it as as you may know I'm trying to grow this channel trying to make it bigger when we first started out it was it was there was pictures along with fake voices you know they're that type you get night you type it in then the voice comes out so I said to myself right once you could I stopped doing up I completely stopped doing up a Mentalist on the channel just died for a year my fault and when I came back I said I'm gonna come back in 2020 I'm gonna do this properly so that's the last week or so you can see in videos of me talking to you I'm not the best either but hopefully I'm getting slightly better please give me a bit of time to to get my footing when it comes to this it's not natural to me but I try my best because you know I want this channel to be a great place to come because I think Mugu sportbikes especially especially bikes would risen it's just not covered enough mainstream media the BBC did a great job absolutely great job as the ITV but I feel that on YouTube you need a worldwide audience and I feel that more should be done on YouTube to promote the sport because frankly it seems like it may be in trouble especially over here in Northern Ireland where a lot of the smaller Road races are seemingly being stopped because of money lack of money insurance prices going up it's just there's no funding from government sources Emily they do get they're trying to put in the CFT and yet they're constantly criticized there's around them BBC presenter over here Stephen norm and I'm providing the Stephen Nolan he basically will use any chance he gets to bad-mouth the sport if a rider dies he's constantly on there saying I should be balanced so I think we need some positive promotion of the sport and that's why I decided to do this trying to do my bit and see what happens so yes like I was saying before I ran a tree tangent this is a new style of video please be honest do you like it do you not it's something that could could be fun to do in the future and it's just basically me but you'll see you'll see it's coming up it's more like this it's instead of being just straight down the camera needs to be bit more of me trying to be me so yes once again if you're that good please like the video and leave a comment below and yeah I said that I'll say it said it very recorded so this is me coming up the end and that's Marilyn I'm gonna off this is completely off the cuff so if you liked it like it let me know Cheers so after having being snubbed quite ridiculously if you ask me by the BBC Sports Personality Year award train 19 Jonathan ray has won the Irish blue cyclist of the Year award the fifth year in a row completely deserving I can't believe he was a wasn't even nominated last year for his achievement and what was the hardest season of his career without a doubt I'm one of the greatest comebacks in the history it has to be said I don't recall another comeback right as large in terms of points difference from one rider to started the season to another rider at the end of this season I don't think there's ever been that much of a of a gap on a comeback at least in recent years in any motorsport and you can think of any please comment below because it was remarkable what that man achieved last year and to be snubbed by the BBC again is really especially considering the one time he was actually know me that he came second I believe which was I mean we all won the ran of course wall bike fans here but that was unbelievable that he came second yet hasn't been nominee that ever since has won the championship ever since has never been nominated so finally for him to when I finally was five years in a row but it's just nice to see that at least he's getting recognition from from from some of the awards shows anyway so it's good to say and I have to say looking at that award it's actually quite nice of course I'm not sure I'm not sure the angle of the air the bike is a little bit steep but there yeah absolve a picture of Emily's right there I believe that was taken by Steven Davison it doesn't say here but I believe it was seen that written somewhere else and if you know anything about bike she knows Steven Davison is one hell of a photographer really you should check out his stuff so yes so ray and I became the first ride ever to win five titles in the global series of course received his award at the crime Plaza and Belfast on Friday night which was actually as of recording last night Peter Hickman was named international word rest of the year and Jack Hanley talk short circuit rider on GB circuits I make sense Peter Hickman has had one the last couple of years he's really come alive maybe you could argue not so much in the BSB side of things but certainly at the TT that man has become has really laid down the gauntlet also Grand Prix as well he was the fastest fastest Melanie would so it certainly hats off to Edmund for last couple years Jack Kennedy of course has battled with I was just senior to started the season was great that little coming together literally a common together man G was fun to see and overall he won the Super Sport ran for inducted in the Hall of Fame that makes a lot of sense the man as has been around for a long time of course came back from injury then just to get injured again well he was retired at least thinking back and then got injured again thankfully he has seemingly completely recovered not sure if he'll ever be on a bike again but certainly the man is has paid his dues and is certainly certainly worthy of that I'm on the gun gun gun club car we did a conga gun dun-dun-dun the apologize don't gallon riders career treatments for three other men TT wins and five North West 200 factories plus numerous Irish would waste titles and we as tramps of course Farquhar was also mo sexy and 2013 the northwest mmm that makes sense and then yes just a wee bit of overtime sixty one point ever said to party stir to severe effect unit roaster bike series yeah like I said that was one hell of a comeback was on the mention Peter Hickman again Smith's racing rider Pegman claimed the hot track of wins the TT in June and also claims his Superstock success at the Northwest and the remarkable seven victories the girls to Grand Prix in August yeah yeah and of course this year in terms of would recent has been an awful year for growler rise the North West 200 was a washout the Saturday was a wash of the least TT was assumed there was no practice sessions for the night test sessions complained Evan and then the Ulster Grand Prix it's like all three major would risk events and they were all washed out kind of probably where I'm in the atheist damn you sorry don't want to yeah to offend anyone Dublin or Kennedy skipped the short circuit price after collecting the British Super Sport crying for the second year in succession while century racing AMR were chosen as a team of the year after carrying Corey McGreevy to his British Superstock 600 cc title Scott Swan took the young right of the Year award after coming fifth and the British movie star series and train 19 British champion mark McLaren was revealed as young writer of the year it goes on dimensionally Wilson Craig he passed around September was proof posthumously post-post honestly can't pronounce that word I worried the services Tim blue cycle Award for his many years of financial backing to number of riders among the rider sponsored by the Londonderry businessman were Guy Martin Kaymer Donald William Dunlop Jimmy Hamilton David Johnson Derek McGee Keith Armour and marshal Niel it's one hell of a list I have to say so then we have a list of previous winners of the movie saga and obviously the last five years have been Johnny ray deservedly so Michael Dunlop was in 2015 Eugene Lowry in 2014 Ryan Farquhar in 2013 I was mentioned before and Alistair Celia in 2012 let's burn car Phillips was named short circuit rider the urine circuits after vainly ostrich Superbike Championship taking victory in 11 races along the rails quite impressive if I say so myself and I do say so myself scary's man Michael Sweeney was named national would reserve the year and recognition of winning the Irish super sport and super trend titles as well as coming in first in the jerk would risk – another Republic of Ireland rider Derek shields was the inaugural winner of the king of the woods prize permalip a green light television and movie sport TV the world is structured around the research results and the feature blue ribbon Greece's other affiliate board meetings sheõs became our Superbike champion for the third time in 2019 of course there's a video on this channel that was put up a couple of days ago where he spoiler alert and has split with his team and will be looking for a new ride this season and finally I was to see least thrilling risk following a last lap dice with Jack Kennedy you could say that that was a dice alright it was a and the bridge Super Sport championship race at Brands Hatch was flew Trias of the year well deservedly so of course that was that was a hell of a hell of a season for the both of them until silly drop tight near the end with a wrist injury I believe but the chances of him fighting back with County was slim anyway Kennedy was on fire this year and I'll be interesting see what he can do in the big bike coming up in the BSB I believe in April and starts story how it that's the Irish motorcycle Awards of 28 Ronnie are trying 19 trying 20 when you said 2010 yeah 2019 season but 2020 award okay yeah I don't know but that is them do you agree with them certainly you can't die – Jonathan race to serve them Peter Hickman I think I think he deserves it County deserves it everyone else that's mentioned there deserves it for sure car Phillips dark shields Scott Swan mark McLaren young where the European try see what he can do and they've fought in the following years quite McGreevy reason IMR you know seemingly a lot of deserve and people are obviously I just wonder what you think comment below and do you agree that it's John it's a disgrace I run a grace but just give me your opinion why'd you think the BBC just can't seem to give Johnny ray a break when it comes to sports personality although I think it would be the cherry on top certainly but another thing that means that much less be honest you know I think you have to be a BBC lovely to you to be nominated but again that's just me talking but yes please comment below and give me your thoughts and if you like what you see there's a little bit of a different kind of video I hope you like it just transform new you see what happens and if you like it please like this video please subscribe to the channel and I shall see as always in the next video bye