look now what it takes to turn these motorcycles around there's takishi shigematsu the record holder I don't think talk knows how to shut off early to stop the first outbreak because you're up in here Mike we just heard DJ say to talk I need your data talk unplug something plugged in the laptop what's going on right now that's the data record on Mike it probably has 18 or 20 channels records the whole run otherwise are flying blind so they're gonna download that into the computer and look at the data and make adjustments sort of like for next round and the tuning options with that data is limitless right there's so many screws and adjustments and things you can do this motorcycle it will tune yourself right out of the ballpark with three clicks what's the most important thing there's no one most important thing but the two biggest ones are fuel pressure and clutch management and how important is it to have a veteran like DJ looking over the data I think you could do it blind without the data but it helps them decide what's going on if he stayed with one consistent bike he wouldn't need it we're about when a big zip tie through that let's run next day first round I see you guys working hard what's going on down here oh we started up this morning broke a rocker arm and uh it still made first round and now you've got all kind of work to do for alcohol fine what's going on over here oh just standard maintenance I see how you know all change the clutches put fuel oil new battery you guys change the oil every pound yes did you a good peace of mind I'm sure make sure there ain't no trash in it yeah good luck thanks buddy a lot of work going on back here in the pit area this page check it out it's loud Jay and team took it back through the pits wrenched it and they're ready how about that oh man it's like a mirror looking at a mirror good job here you getting some good coverage oh yeah look at the awesome machine of Bobby Molloy the veteran a lot of nerves and anxiety in the lanes a lot of riders not yet qualified trying to make it in Bobby Molloy he was one of them sweet sounds of the supercharged nitro Harley here's a man who's won piles of championships last year's number two plate holder Dougie bansal's out of retirement after a hiatus he's back like my chroma nope whatsoever just mash the gas hold on Gardner of any champion won the last event or really excited crew chiefs taking notes Miss Erica what do you think of these crazy nitro Harley's well well said Mike I was a wild q3 looks like tracks a little tricky this morning uh track looked a little loose little greasy the yellow yellow track temperature thing is broken obviously he says 12:05 112 degrees it's more like hundred twenty-eight hundred thirty degrees laser so a lot of guys miss the clutch setup on the tire or miss the amount of fuel will put a hole out and drop the front end down so a couple has really picked up though laser it is from yesterday so it's gonna be a good race day tomorrow one more one more round two for nitro harrowing which I know you advise I want to ask you about that huge turnout that class is grown what are your odds on them we love them we love everything about the category they're exciting the fans love them so the fans love them we love them congratulations on a great event man it's Dan leaning to me and just an even kilter and have everybody working as one team one one team one my one purpose Vaness together I wear the legend John Force what's the key to win in Bristol no different than those nitrile harlots that I love but I got a good race car I just got to do my job have a little bit of luck before get it done certainly hope you enjoyed this inside look into the always exciting Top Fuel nitro Harley category please make sure you're subscribed to this channel cycle drag on YouTube for much much more like psycho drag calm on Facebook to follow along on YouTube smash the Bell get the notifications and never miss a video and comment with your feedback what did you think of this video and the always fearless crazy talk don't forget if you ask talk whether or not he lifted you know what the answer will be talk never lifts