– Straighten up. Sorry. JOE: Just one moment. Hey, what's up, man? Are you Joe? How are you doing? – I'm Joe.
– I'm Mike. So how are you doing? Frank. You could tell right
away from meeting Joe– he's definitely a character. Talked to Dani on the phone. Yes, I did. OK, cool. Yeah, she said you might be
willing to sell a few things. Let's go over
to that building. This one here? Come in, boys. All right. Oh, man. Whoa. I think me and Joe are
going to get along great. Is any of this stuff for sale? Absolutely. [laughter] This is nice, man. Is this the original paint? No. This guy's got a 1942 WLA. It's been restored
a long time ago? Yes. This is a military bike
that Harley Davidson made. It's restored a long time ago. So it looks like
its original paint. It's got the sweat. It's got the dirt. It's got the patina. It's got the right look. How much is this? Can we think on it a few? Hell, yeah. I could tell that I was
overstepping my boundaries. And that's what you have to
do as a picker sometimes. You have to slow your roll. You have to bring it back. We got to get to know each
other, exchange some stories, talk about riding, and
then get into the prices. Oh, yeah. Frankie, look at that. FRANK FRITZ: Oh, that's pretty. I look over in the corner here. Here's this 1972
cherry red Triumph. This a 250? JOE: Yes. Like a Tiger Cub? Yes. This could be my icebreaker. Tell me a little bit about it. It runs great. I checked the tank for rust. It was surprisingly clean. Does the motor kick over, Mike? I checked to see if the
pistons were seized. They weren't. Oh, man, that baby's
ready for you, Frankie. Right here. Joe, what do you value
something like this at? Well, I could let it go today,
within the next 30 minutes– 30 minutes, huh? For a grand. $1,000. You know what? There's a little
bit of money to be made on this, even at $1,000. Come on, Fonzie, sit on it. Yeah.
Oh, yeah. There you go. How's it feel? Hmm. JOE: It looks like
it was made for you. How about $800 within
the next four minutes? Let's go 9. I knew he was going
to come back at $900. I should have said 7. He'd have went 9. I'd have went 8. 8 cash. Uh…. He's got to
check the reserves. OK. [laughs] – 800?
– Yes. Deal. That was a good motorcycle. I've had it 20 years. So it's time to start
letting a few things go. We've only been
to one building. We've already bought one bike. So Frank can close
the deal on his opening offer on this
Triumph, and I can't even get a price on the Harley? Something is wrong
with this pick. Where are we going? We're going to this building. To get this pick on course,
I need to find something I want to buy and Joe wants to sell. Right this way, fellows. Yeah, this is a very
nice building here. – Thank you.
– There you go. That's what we like. Oh, that's nice, man. Boom. There it is. A Harley Flathead 1935
restored all there. Restore that? Yes, basically. I'd love to buy this thing. Is this something you'd sell? Probably. Yeah. [laughs] When's
the last time it ran? Eight years ago. So I'm thinking, OK, if
he hasn't ridden this bike, he's not thinking
much of it anymore. How much is it? What are you asking for this? Rock bottom 18 grand. 18 grand. If this Flathead had a
10-point restoration, that would be the
landing number on it. How come you said rock bottom? Just putting all your
cards on the table? He doesn't want
you to go down. For the restoration that's
been done on it and the fact that it doesn't run, at
$18,000 I had to step away. JOE: Come this way, boys. MIKE WOLFE: All right, man. Show me something I
can't live without. Oh, this is a graveyard? This is my little graveyard. [inaudible] 65. There was a Honda there. There was a Kawasaki. There was an old dirt bike. And right at the end,
here's another Triumph. That's the same bike
you just bought, isn't it? I know.
It's kind of. There you go, parts bike. It can be a parts bike. This bike is in Joe's graveyard. But it makes a great project
bike or a parts bike, because it's almost complete. How much is the parts bike? You make me an offer. MIKE WOLFE: Frank's got
this big smile on his face, like he opened up a box
of moon pies or something. $200. That'd be the best I could do. But I could get it out
of your way for $200. Probably no. But then again, yes. Dang! This is Christmas. Let's go, Santa Claus. Good deal. There you go, baby. Joe said he wanted
to lighten his load. And I think I
helped him do that. Danielle really took
care of me today. I mean, I bought
two motorcycles. I got a great deal. I met a great guy. MIKE WOLFE: My side
of the van is always more full than Frankie's. All of a sudden, I'm
the guy that doesn't have anything now on a pick. You going up there? Yeah, we got plenty. I got the Triumph for $800. I know I can get
at least $1,500. [cha-ching] Appreciate you calling, man. I'm going to take
my wife somewhere. – Oh, yeah, with the money?
– Oh, that's good. Yes. All right, I'm
sure she deserves it. JOE: Oh, yes.
– Good to meet you. MIKE WOLFE: Thank
you so much, Joe. Thank you so much. All right, we'll
see you again. All right. I'm going to take
my wife on a vacation. And we're going to sit
back and enjoy everything, like I've enjoyed today. See you later! [horn honks] [music playing]